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Bolana Concierge

Bolana concierge service gives you the chance to add even more unforgettable moments to a seemingly ordinary day, starting today!


We realize that upon entering a property, the initial greeting can set the tone for the remainder of your day.  And providing a cordial greeting, helpful service, and high quality skilled administrative services contribute to a memorable experience.  These are part our basic service.  However, our services extend beyond basic services to “partnership” service tailoring our programs to fit your specific building and tenant needs. 


Our management team is in place to ensure site management, continual training and coaching, handle client concerns about our team members, and ensure the site is properly covered.

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Bolana Concierge Services
Bolana Concierge Services

Ambassador Services

Ambassador Service is considered an elite top quality personalized service.  The service at each property reflects Bolana’s concierge core philosophy: meeting the unique needs of every client and tenant with warmth and efficiency.


Our team members are professionals who are chosen for their superior people skills, unique personality, and how that personality matches each building’s personality.  Having a building ambassador that posses such qualities helps to create a lasting good impression of your building to your tenants and their visitors.

Leasing Management Support

At Bolana our concierge services extend into leasing staffing support.  We provide skilled professional leasing administrative and agent support that can provide immediate assistance to your community.

All Secure Building Monitoring

The concierge is the eyes and ears of any property.  Essentially, the concierge monitors building entry and departure activities, monitors building access points, and provides and strong sense of restricted building access.  Our team members are trained in security procedures and protocols, which provide our clients and tenant with more a specialized elite team member.

Building Maintenance Liasion

Receive and help organize resident maintenance request and function as maintenance liaison to the residents.

Package Tracking and Delivery

Bolana concierge incorporates electronic technology designed to track and notify tenants when a package has been received.  Our team members are trained in loss prevention procedures and techniques to help ensure tenants receive their packages promptly and correctly.

Resident Retention Activities

Resident retention is a vital part of property management.  As your resident retention partner, we offer several programs that will support your efforts to increase you long-term tenant.  Our programs help to build a sense of community.

Getting the most out of your concierge services

When running a business that provides services to tenants, there are a thousand things that can make your services more successful. However, there is none more important than your tenant relations. Each tenant wants to feel as if they are the

most important tenant on your property. Therefore, having great building ambassadors and customer relationship experts are essential to high building occupancy and retention ratios.


In today’s market, having a strategic partnership with a company that provides high quality concierge support, is a key to great customer relationship. So, how do you gain the most out of your partnership service? There are several key factors.


  1. Aligning on Business Objectives – Business partnerships are formed to achieve agreed upon goals. Having a strategic partner that provides daily operations who also understands your overall direction and monthly targets can be an invaluable asset.

  2. A Formalized Communication Strategy – Communication is the key to any relationship and strategic partnerships are no exception. Having a well-defined communication model with clear management and measure can be a great benefit to building a long-term trusting relationship. It can also head off potential crises before they occur.

  3. Quality Assurance – Quality Assurance is often associated with factory auditing or simply measured by a pass or fail. However, true quality improvements are based on providing opportunities for improvement. By integrating two-way coaching instead of formal critics, concierge become more engaged and increase in their sense of value – which improve the quality of service they deliver. Meaningful partnership requires an investment of time, commitment and essential resources from both sides. Contract renewals occur when both service providers and client give more attention to the relationship and more importantly, in the beginning, agree on what makes the engagement success.

Bolana Concierge Moments
A video series that provides Concierge Service tips.
Bolana Concierge Moments
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Maryland Address and Information:

10739 Tucker Street, Suite 270 - Beltsville, Maryland 20705

Tel:  301-595-2577

Washington, D.C. Address and Information:

4645 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE, Suite 206 - Washington, DC 20019

Tel:  202-621-2260


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